Tess Wearing, mother of Olivia Wearing – 8 Years old – Chatham Primary School – Surrey Hills

“I had contemplated putting my daughter forward for the SHINE program for quite sometime, if I’d known what a positive experience it was going to be I would not have hesitated. On the last day I was so surprised to see my shy girl confidently walk up to the microphone and thank Ms Anderson for the previous three days and then announce in the car on the way home “that was the best holiday program EVER!”

Olivia reflected on the course over the next few days at home discussing what she had learned, the role playing exercises, the friends she made and wishing that the course ran over a longer period of time so she could continue with what she had learnt.

This has been such a positive and powerful program I think every child would benefit from the chance to experience such a first class learning opportunity. I’m surprised that schools don’t offer the principles of the SHINE program as part of the curriculum.”