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SHINE Academy for Girls presents a specialised social and emotional intelligence education for 5 – 14 year old girls pro-actively building resilience, self-esteem, self-acceptance, healthy confidence, the importance of good manners, excellent communication skills, critical thinking skills, application of common sense, leadership skills, innovative thinking, the ability to resist peer pressure and wide-ranging social skills to cope and excel in today's world. Much of our curriculum teaches the importance of connecting your self-worth to the content of your character, not your looks, things or people.

There are also programs available for boys teaching resilience, leadership, decency, manners, ethical decision-making, self-esteem and self-confidence at our brother academy: LONGFORD & FRASER Leadership Academy for Boys.

SHINE Academy for Girls is a resilience and leadership academy with high expectations and high standards producing graduates who will be the inspiring young women and leaders of tomorrow.

SHINE Academy for Girls promotes standards of excellence in:

  • emotional and social resilience, self-esteem and healthy confidence
  • outstanding verbal and visual presentation of self (historically known as elocution and deportment)
  • emotional intelligence (EQ), social intelligence (SQ) and adaptablity/adversity intelligence (AQ)
  • grit (perseverance through demanding high effort of oneself, sticking at difficult tasks and respect for discipline in our classroom)
  • assertiveness (includes life-long skills to handle bullying and difficult relationships)
  • social etiquette in the 21st Century
  • living and loving with integrity, honesty, kindness, courtesy and courage

Our programs are held weekly for eight weeks of each school term. There are eight programs from which to select which are presented over the school year in pairs. Each term is independent and a student can commence and conclude the curriculum in any term.

Alternatively, a three-day holiday program is held in January and July which covers the entire curriculum in a distilled format.

Classes are held outside of school hours.

The tutors, Melissa Anderson and Julia Hall, create a class atmosphere that is warm, appreciative, encouraging, attentive, engaging and inspiring. We do not allow cliques to form. We work as a team always.

Our curriculum is designed to provide practical, hands-on training through peer review, discussions, role-play, multi-media analysis, case studies, experiential activities, competitions, games, self-assessment and structured class exercises.

Our curriculum is also underpinned by a belief in "positive psychology" - a relatively new branch of psychology that shifts the focus from what is clinically wrong, to "the promotion of wellbeing and the creation of a satisfying life lived with meaning, purpose, positive relationships and goal accomplishment".

We don't do labels - preferring to focus on a child's strengths and, after building rapport, gently and diplomatically address areas for development.

We are all atypical to some degree and putting students in boxes stigmatises and limits possibilities.


Many of our students are high achievers who are looking for that extra edge in an already competitive world.
Their parents realise that a narrow focus on academic excellence does not develop the sort of emotional and social intelligence required for leadership in chosen professions or, simply, in life.


Many of our students show early signs of leadership qualities and we work to develop and improve those skills even further.


The SHINE Academy programs may also assist students with high-functioning autism or mild-moderate Aspergers to develop their social and emotional skills. 

The SHINE Academy program may assist a home-schooled child to develop the skills to handle competition in life, gain new perspectives, interact with a wide demographic of their peers and further hone their emotional and social skill development.

At the conclusion of each term, the girls participate in a graduation ceremony to which their parents are invited.

Course succession and advantages of completing all SHINE Academy for Girls programs:

Graduation Night:

  • ONE Term completed: Junior Diploma of Leadership (7–10 years) and (11–14 years)
  • TWO Terms completed: Junior Bachelor of Leadership (7–10 years) and (11–14 years)
  • THREE Terms completed: Junior Masters of Leadership (7–10 years) and (11–14 years)
  • FOUR Terms completed: Junior Ph.D of Leadership (7–10 years) and (11–14 years)

We also offer a School Holiday Program in Melbourne.
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Our aims are simple:

  • To promote a generation of humbly confident, kind, thoughtful, courageous, gritty and empowered young women.
  • To pro-actively immunise the next generation against depression, anxiety and mental distress by championing the skills of emotional resilience and emotional intelligence (“Society gets much better results from prevention rather than intervention” – Professor John Gottman, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Washington).
  • To pro-actively inspire our girls with the life skills to cope, endure, overcome and flourish despite the stresses of being a young person in today’s world.
  • To pro-actively educate girls with the life skills that build a resilient, determined and socially-skilled person capable of handling life’s positive and negative experiences with confidence, grace, dignity, self-awareness and courage.

Our goal:

…to build girls' self-esteem, confidence, emotional resilience and wide-ranging social skills to cope and excel in the 21st Century