Q: Is there a recommended order in which girls should participate in the SHINE programs?
There is intentionally no progression to the modules at SHINE. Each module stands on its own merit or, together, are synergistic. We do not enrol via the calendar year, instead, enrolling 25% new girls each term. Typically students complete all eight modules (presented in pairs each term), to earn their four achievement levels, however, a student can take part in just one term and learn skills to last a lifetime.

Q: At the completion of a term what does the SHINE Academy provide to acknowledge my daughter’s participation?
At the completion of each term we present each girl with a hand-calligraphed program attestation. We recommend she include this in her résumé and school folio, particularly when applying for office bearer positions, part-time employment or scholarships.

Q: Do you discuss any issues that are contentious?
It is assumed that we do not teach, influence or discuss religious, sexual or political issues.

Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Yes, a gift certificate is a unique gift opportunity for Christmas and birthdays.
We will post the Gift Certificate in 3-5 working days.
email us: info@shineacademy.com.au

Q: How does the tutor deal with disruptive students?
We reserve the right to excuse a girl from class if she is observed to be disruptive, uncooperative, unkind to others, or continually late.
Parents sign an enrolment terms and conditions document during the enrolment process indicating that they acknowledge and agree with this policy.

Q: How do you ensure that the curriculum caters for such a wide range of ages?
Each program curriculum is appropriately modified to account for different age levels. However, it is a philosophy of SHINE Academy that the earlier in life this material is discussed in detail, the greater the opportunity for developing enduring life skills.

Q: Who designed the new SHINE logo (from 2020)?
Our designer was chosen from many on 99Designs. His greeting states:
“hi … introduce my name khaerodin the place of origin from magelang, central java indonesia, i am a designer with a simple background and from that i pursue this design world seriously and diligently study it since 4 years ago, thank you also the whole team.

Q: Are parents provided with a lesson summary so that the SHINE Academy curriculum can be reinforced at home?
Yes, at the conclusion of each class parents are provided with a two-page summary sheet of the key learning lessons. Parental reinforcement at home is a crucial part of the learning strategy.

Q: My daughter is doing her debutante ball this year – which course would you recommend she attend to prepare her?
Module 1 & 2, and Module 7 & 8 are all appropriate for debutante preparation.

Q: My daughter is reserved and finds it difficult to make friends. At school, she plays by herself a lot of the time. Which program would be best suited to her?
Module 5 & 6 and 7 & 8 would be ideal.

Q: My daughter is quite clearly a leader, but can be bossy. Some other children are put off by her behaviour. Which program would help her communication skills?
Module 5 held in Term 3. Your daughter would benefit from learning the skills of assertive communication – the win-win communication style where everyone feels considered, heard and respected.

Q: Do you provide anything similar for boys?
Yes, LONGFORD & FRASER Leadership Academy for Boys was launched on 27 October 2010.
We offer programs for the boys that develop leadership qualities, resilience, assertiveness and mental strength.
Your son can attend during term time on Mondays, privately or the School Holiday Program held annually in April.

Q: My daughter’s schedule is quite full this year. I would love my daughter to experience all the programs. Is that possible?
The School Holiday Program entitled “SHINE Masterclass” held in January and July combines all eight modules in a summary format. It is held over 3 days in the school holidays. It does not replace the more in-depth format held over the eight weeks of each school term but does give insight into our curriculum and is a learning opportunity of huge benefit. You can read the Testimonials about the Holiday Program here.

Too much fun! Your daughter will remember the SHINE Masterclass for the rest of her life…….