Helen Handrinos, mother of Terri, aged 8, Sussex Heights Primary School

Terri thoroughly enjoyed the Shine Holiday program. She was a little apprehensive on the first day as she was not sure what to expect and did not know anyone. After the first day however, she was beaming and chatting constantly about all the fun she was having and how much she enjoyed the activities and role-playing. I was surprised at how quickly she had adjusted, as she is usually slow to warm up to changes. I am so glad I signed her up. Her face lit up when reading the warm fuzzies and it was so encouraging to hear her tell me she was proud of herself. In a world where the strong, externally beautiful or physically adept are held in high esteem or even envied, it was so refreshing to expose my daughter to an environment, other than her home, where kindness, compassion and inner beauty are celebrated. The values and life-long skills that you teach should be compulsory in all schools. Thank you so much. My younger daughter is desperate to attend but she’ll have to wait a couple of years!

Yours faithfully,