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SHINE Academy for Girls


October 21, 2021 3:39 pm

Teenager and Young Adult Masterclass: 12 – 16 years

General Summary It is a 32-week leadership program with a rigorous focus on the challenges of being a teenager and young adult in our competitive (and sometimes cruel) world covering EQ (emotional intelligence), SQ (social intelligence) and AQ (adaptability/adversity intelligence) topics including sociology, online dating, alcohol, drugs, positive and negative ways to deal with emotional pain, social media risk management, how to deal with anger, leadership (poor and excellent examples) across the world, forensic psychology, what healthy relationships look and feel like, how to recognise and break family patterns of dysfunction, reading body language (micro and macro), job interview strategy and etiquette, résumé/folio enhancement, building your reputation, application of common-sense, how to be diplomatic and calm during conflict and workplace difficulties, good decision-making, entrepreneurship, withstanding peer pressure, and so much more. Curriculum   Availability This program currently has a waiting list. If you would like your child to be added to the waiting list please email us at info@shineacademy.com.au with your child’s full name and date of birth.   Flexibility of Commencement Each term is independent. A student can commence and conclude in any term. Achievement Levels
  • ONE term completed: Junior Diploma of Leadership
  • TWO term completed: Junior Bachelor of Leadership
  • THREE term completed: Junior Masters of Leadership
  • FOUR term completed: Junior Ph.D of Leadership
  What to bring
  • A drink with a secure lid and a small snack
  • Please wear secure & sensible footwear. Thongs not reommended.
  • Please note: the classroom is well heated/cooled.
  What we give you After each class, we will provide parents with a two-page brief lesson summary. This document will give you a clear idea of the learning goals for each week, providing you with conversation openers and discussion areas. Reinforcement at home facilitates the enhancement of learning NB: If you need two sets of notes due to parents living separately or you need one set of notes to be posted to the other parent, please let us know and we are happy to arrange this. NB: Please note, we are committed to the thoughtful use of paper and where possible use only recycled paper from environmentally friendly and sustainable paper milling companies.. Your commitment to attendance We aim to ensure that each program involves cumulative learning - that is, each lesson builds on skills and knowledge learned in the previous class. Therefore, if a student misses more than two classes during the eight-week program, they will be ineligible to graduate and we will be unable to award them with a graduation certificate since they will have missed more than 25% of the learning material.

Class times available:

Tuesdays at 6.30pm – 8.30pm Thursdays at 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Class size:

20 - 22 girls

Class Atmosphere

Warm, appreciative, encouraging, inspiring, attentive, engaging, inclusive, implicit high expectations

Term Fee:

$495 for 8 weeks

($61.90 per weeks)


Simon Graeme Gallery, Brighton Grammar Middle School, Rosstrevor gate, corner New and Allee St (entrance on Allee St beside pedestrian crossing), Brighton, Melbourne