I am Loader!

SHINE Academy for Girls


December 1, 2021 6:03 pm


Social Resilience in the 21st Century – Why social skills such as good manners, excellent communication skills, reading body language, friendship-building and inclusivity are essential elements of success.

Upon completion of SHINE Module 1, we expect that our students:

  • Understand the enduring power and win-win benefit of always being courteous
  • Understand the logic and application of manners and etiquette in myriad social situations, for example - behind the spoken word, written word, the telephone, the oft forgotten gems of table manners, the true meaning of integrity, the polite expression of anger, good sportsmanship, gratitude and much more
  • Understand that manners never go out of style
  • Can read and interpret basic body language, responding appropriately with empathy and consideration for others Can make and keep fulfilling friendships
  • Can respond adaptively to unforeseen problems and challenges
  • Value and welcome diverse perspectives
  • Can speak about what they have in common with one another
  • Can encourage others to speak, to be in the moment and to really listen to what they have to say
  • Can be present and responsive to the needs of others
  • Care for one another and consider how things may look from the other side
  • Encourage one another, sharing mutual respect and mutual value
  • Can appropriately offer praise, encouragement, support and feedback
  • Understand that no matter where you are from - your background, circumstances, finances or education - manners can transcend it all and open doors that may have been closed to the ill-mannered man
  • Feel inspired and encouraged to show simultaneous respect for self and others in any social situation
  • Behave with consistent application of the universal values of integrity, honesty, respect, decency and generosity of spirit
  • Are familiar with the appropriate behaviour for any given occasion
  • See the enduring value of: remembering names, including others, being diplomatic, being a consummate hostess, being skilled in making and keeping friends
  • Recognise that an act of kindness can stay in a person's memory for a lifetime; and may even, one day, save a life