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SHINE Academy for Girls


October 21, 2021 4:26 pm

Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass: 5 – 7 years

General Summary: The Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass for 5 - 7-year-old girls and boys will focus on the early development of:
  • resilience
  • social and emotional skills
  • self-respect
  • manners
  • how to make friends
  • public speaking
  • how to deal with bullies
  • preparing for and settling in to school socially and emotionally 
  • building healthy self-confidence
The foundation of the curriculum will align with the current SHINE Academy for Girls (eight modules) and LONGFORD & FRASER (four programs) but is tailored in its pitch and delivery to the younger age group.  _________________________________________________________ Day of the week: Saturday   Next program commences: Term 1, 2022: Saturday 5 February Term 2, 2022: Saturday 30 April Term 3, 2022: Saturday 16 July Term 4, 2022: Saturday 8 October   Duration: 8 weeks only. Held every term. If your child enjoys the class they may repeat the eight-week program if required.   What to bring
  • A drink with a secure lid and a small snack
  • Please wear secure and sensible footwear. Thongs are not recommended.
  • Please note: the classroom is well heated/cooled.
  Age: 5 – 7 years (We enrol up to 7 years and 9 months)   Class gender: mixed   Class environment: supportive, friendly, inspiring high standards   Class Activities: games, role-play, competitions, pair and trio work, basic manners drills, gentle feedback, repetition of skills using fun and innovative teaching methods   *Conditions:  Please note: In taking advantage of the “Enrol two students and pay for one” offer, you agree that in the event one of the pair is unable to attend in the particular term in which they enrolled, that both students will need to move to a new term. You acknowledge and agree that the two students are enrolling as a pair. Regarding payment for the “Enrol two students and pay for one” offer 
  • Step 1: Each family submits an enrolment form.
  • Step 2: One payment in full is made. One family reimburses the other family their 50% share of the fee. We do not accept part payments.

Class times available:

Saturday at 11.00am - 12.15pm

Class size:

20 girls and boys

Class Atmosphere

Warm, appreciative, encouraging, inspiring, attentive, engaging, inclusive, implicit high expectations

Term Fee:

$495 for 8 weeks

($61.90 per week)

Special Ongoing Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass (5-7 years) Offer: Bring a friend! A Sibling! Enrol two students in the same term, in the same class and only pay for one* (Conditions apply)


Brighton Grammar Middle School, entrance off Allee Street, Brighton, Melbourne