I am Loader!

SHINE Academy for Girls


October 21, 2021 4:35 pm


How to make public speaking look easy

Upon completion of SHINE Module 6, we expect that our students:

  • Have learnt the top twelve rules for outstanding public speaking
  • Can constructively critique others on these twelve rules
  • Can give an impromptu speech without padding words (dysfluencies) or distracting body language
  • Can appropriately modulate their voice with awareness of location-specific acoustics and appropriate use of audio equipment
  • Can address many of the speech inadequacies we hear across society including: poor pronunciation of basic words, omitting or importing wrong consonants, perpetual and annoying use of "um" and "ah", lazy articulation of t, d and k
  • Understand the importance of speaking in a chest voice, rather than a passive and inaudible head voice
  • Aim for excellence in enunciation at all times
  • Understand the life-long value of being a compelling communicator
  • Understand the self-limiting beliefs that surround the common fear of public speaking
  • Recognise that facing fears of public speaking is best handled with desensitisation training which involves exposing yourself and your amygdala to the thing you are afraid of over and over again, and in manageable doses. Introverts, in particular, find public speaking challenging, but soon recognise the long-term benefit of conquering such a fear.
  • Know how to open and close a conversation leaving the other person feeling enthralled, engaged and heard
  • Have an awareness of when and how to use the seven volumes of the human voice