Shine Philosophy Trio

shine philosophy trio

Our philosophy trio epitomises what our curriculum aims to achieve. We encourage
all students, parents, grandparents and friends of SHINE Academy to read all three.

SHINE Philosophy 1:

That being extraordinary is an attitude – it is not dictated by wealth, age, beauty, opportunity or background. It is a personal commitment to excellence and to being a decent human being.

SHINE Philosophy 2:

When we have passion for life, we shine. There is an ease and effortless quality to us. We are magnets. We have an ability to inspire the people around us and gain support for our ideas. We understand the power of purpose and relish the opportunities to meet life head-on. We invite risk as a vehicle for growth and expansion.

SHINE Philosophy 3:

How terribly confronting it is to most people to see someone who refuses to limit themselves to accepted mediocrity. Someone who dares to believe that they can be more, do more and go further, stands out as a thorn in the side of those too timid, too dull and too lazy to risk living life to the full. Successful people aren’t necessarily born with some great gift – they are merely people who believe they can make a difference and who can withstand the disempowering effect of those who try to bring them back to the accepted average. So many people settle for much less than is possible because they don’t have the courage to dream, the self-esteem to believe in their dream and the energy and perseverance to go after it.