Shelly Harris, mum of Ashleigh, aged 11, Caulfield South PS

Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity for Ashleigh to be involved in the Shine Academy for Girls Holiday Programme.

The difference we have seen in 3 days within your expert care has been incredible. We have been struggling for some time to find support for Ashleigh that would give her the self-confidence and self-assurance needed to face the worlds many challenges, even at 11 years of age.

She has emerged from the 3 days a brighter, more confident child armed with specific strategies she uses and explains to her father, sister and I with delight. We are all learning as Ashleigh continues to put into practice what she has learnt during 3 jam-packed days of fun and activity.

When I asked Ashleigh about her thoughts regarding the programme, this was her response :

“I really liked it. It was really helpful in learning how to stick up for myself. It was lots of fun and you got to meet and make new friends. I also learnt how to be polite, how to speak in a chest voice and much much more. I also learnt how to be a people magnet.

The class was very welcoming and enjoyable. It felt really friendly, happy and safe. The food was very yummy. Thank you so much to Miss Anderson for teaching me.”