Josette DeGabriele, mother of Nadege, aged 10, Caulfield Junior College

Nadege walked away from Day 1 saying “Mum, I totally love it. I had a beautiful day.” Needless to say the ensuing two days were just as rewarding and fulfilling. While Nadege is a very sociable and outgoing individual, your course helped to solidify some of the topics we had previously discussed when confronted by certain issues at school and in her private life. Your interactive approach and the fun games that you played made the consolidation of what she was learning that much stronger. At all stages of our lives we often need reinforcement, encouragement, and an appreciation of just how special and valuable we all are. Certainly, to be able to instil these beliefs at a younger age, when experiencing the trials and tribulations of growing up, really works to benefit the child and helps to make the transition to the teenage years and thereafter adulthood, that much smoother.

Nadege walked away from the class full of newfound confidence. She was overwhelmed when reading her “warm fuzzies” because she did not think she was so likeable. She was also very proud to have won a gift for her good manners, and overall she walked away understanding just how lucky she was to have participated in such a warm and caring learning environment.

It was evident to me as a parent that during the ceremony at the end of the course, just how happy and proud all the girls were, and this I believe was reciprocated by all the attending parents. I was so proud of Nadege that a tear came to my eye when she spoke.

Melissa, I honestly believe that you have offered Nadege and all of the girls a valuable life experience. I have already spoken to a couple of my friends about your course. I would recommend it to all parents. What you teach is rarely taught in a conventional school, setting, and in our increasingly busy world we often neglect the basics that set us up to be honourable social citizens.

Congratulations, and again, on behalf of Nadege and I, thank you so very much.