Julie Iannazzone, mum of Allegra, St James PS

I would like to say thank you for being such a wonderful coach and role model these past three days for my daughter Allegra. She has absolutely loved her three days at Shine Academy and you have reinforced so many new skills and strategies which will stay with her for her lifetime. Whilst we try to instil in our children certain values, good manners, kindness and resilience, our job has been made so much easier with your assistance! I was so relieved when I picked up Allegra after the first day at Shine. She came bouncing down the stairs with a huge smile on her face and the conversation on our drive back to Mitcham was full of exciting information she had learnt from you. The catering sounded so scrumptious and I was so envious when she described, each day the delicious food on the menu! Thank you all to the ladies who provided the catering. Allegra has already said she will miss “Miss Anderson!!” Thank you once again for sharing such valuable lessons with the girls. They are all so privileged to have spent the past three days with you. I only wish all children had the opportunity to learn these basic life skills!