The Tutors

tutor_image.jpgMelissa Anderson

BPharm MACP BMus (VCA) MSocSc (Couns) MFVC QMACA
Pharmacist, Opera Singer, Counsellor, Resilience and Leadership Coach


Melissa completed a pharmacy degree in 1997 and an opera degree at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2001. During five years working and studying overseas in Scotland, Italy and Singapore, Melissa volunteered to various charities, distributing aid and managing the effective distribution of material and financial donations. She completed a Masters degree in Counselling in 2008 and now runs a private counselling practice and a resilience & leadership coaching practice in Brighton working with children, teenagers and adults. Melissa has been involved in the teaching of children for the last 26 years as an academic tutor and a singing, elocution and stage performance teacher.

As a pharmacist and a counsellor, Melissa sees a broad spectrum of the community. A common issue she has observed in today's children are the effects of low self-esteem, low levels of emotional resilience and low self-confidence which bring about all kinds of struggles including difficulty handling peer pressure, body image issues, bullying, difficulty handling life's ups and downs (such as rejection/failure/conflict), depression, anxiety, choosing inappropriate partners, apathy and difficulty with social connections.  When these problems arise, Melissa has observed an over-reliance on prescription medication and a limited commitment in our society to developing the key life skills of self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-knowledge, emotional resilience and social/emotional intelligence which empower us to handle the various common struggles we all face from time to time.

To this end, Melissa is committed to being part of a pro-active endeavour to arm the next generation with the skills to cope in our challenging world.  She has spent the last decade refining and polishing the SHINE Academy curriculum incorporating the latest research on the prefrontal cortex (the focus of emotional and social skill development in the brain), engaging in discussion with mental health and medical professionals, parents, teachers and carers, and facilitating an ongoing series of parenting/school seminars on a range of topics including raising resilient children, helicopter parenting (also known as over-parenting) and prevention/coping skills for bullying.


Melissa is energetic, warm, friendly and nurturing, and believes every child can excel given the right guidance, high expectations and inspiration to realise their potential.



tamekaTameka Buckley

BA (Journalism & Sociology), yoga teacher RYT200, Resilience and Leadership Coach

Ms. Buckley teaches the 7 - 10 year old boys program on a Saturday.

Tameka is a small business owner, a yoga teacher and a counselling student. She is a Resilience and Leadership Coach with the Academy, supporting young people to be the best possible versions of themselves.

Tameka has three younger brothers who have helped her develop a knowledge, appreciation and joyful connection with boys. As a school girl she was enrolled in drama class as a way to build confidence; Tameka is now excited to support young women in their own journey to becoming confident, assertive young leaders with the challenging curriculum of the Academy as a framework.

Tameka believes in a holistic approach to developing young people - that healthy confidence is built through a nourished mind and body. She has a passion for empowering people to live their best lives possible. Tameka believes that resilience and emotional intelligence are the two most important tools for living a fullfilling and proactive life and is excited to play a role in encouraging these attributes to flourish in your child.

In Tameka's care your child will feel safe, encouraged and challenged.



juliaJulia Hall

BA(Hons) Public art and design, Graduate Diploma Creative art therapy, Children’s and adult’s yoga teacher, Mindfulness consultant.

Teaching children the skills to navigate the highs and lows of life with a positive attitude, resilience, and kindness to themselves and others, has been a passion of Julia’s for many years.

Julia’s experience of working with children spans over three decades. She worked as a nanny in her youth and later a child support worker in therapeutic care. This experience coupled with her background in public art resulted in Julia’s interest and further study in creative art therapy.

She trained as a yoga teacher specializing in children’s yoga whilst bringing up her own beautiful children, who have both completed programs with LONGFORD & FRASER and SHINE Academy.

Julia’s commitment to supporting children to thrive and flourish in today's demanding world has led her to study the science of positive psychology.

Julia is a co-founder and partner of ‘Being Mindful’ a business that teaches yoga and mindfulness in schools.

She is excited to bring her experience, love of children, and commitment to make a difference, together in her role as a tutor at the Academy.



Melissa is available to present the following parent information night topics at your school:

  • How do I raise a Resilient Child? - the 32 skills involved in building resilience
  • Bullying Masterclass - 33 Prevention and Coping Skills for children and their parents
  • Successful Parenting to Prepare Children for the Real World? Contrasting two common parenting styles: Helicopter Parenting and Free-Range Parenting


Each topic is 1.5 hours in duration.

There is a flat fee for a school presentation. Please contact us on (03) 9592 4948 for further information.