Program 7: Healthy Confidence and Self-Belief

Upon completion of SHINE Program 7, we expect that our students:
  • feel more empowered to face life with courage, no matter what circumstances come our way; having the courage to walk through the door of opportunity when it presents itself
  • understand the difference between humility and arrogance
  • can convey the body language of someone who believes in themselves (aka. self-confidence, self-assuredness, humility with a sprinkle of spunk)
  • understand that anxiety is a normal and necessary human emotion that helps us avoid dangerous situations or heightens our ability to face them. Occasionally, anxiety can reach a level which interferes with an individual’s ability to function effectively and so reduces their quality of life
  • are aware that shyness is a coping mechanism that has been developed to protect them
  • have learnt to be kind to self, armed with the knowledge that 30% - 50% of us are born sensitive 
  • have become aware of the bodily sensations involved in anxiety and have developed skills to deal with these sensations and act courageously despite them
  • have role-played myriad social situations that previously caused anxiety but feel confident to go forth and experience them in the future having learnt multiple coping strategies (a process of de-sensitisation)
  • understand that shyness is a type of social anxiety. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being shy. Problems can arise, however, because of the missed opportunities that shyness can bring

This program gently challenges girls to push their boundaries; opening up their range of social situations in which they feel confident to engage with others and enjoy the occasion.