Program 3: Emotional Resilience: Healthy Self-Esteem, Self-Knowledge and Self-Respect - foundations for coping with life with confidence, courage and common sense

Upon completion of SHINE Program 3, we expect that our students:
  • truly understand the concept of self-esteem (self-confidence (I can do it) and self-worth (I am worthy of it)), self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-respect
  • understand how self-esteem and self-respect are maintained or eroded (including discussion of how to choose friends wisely)
  • have learnt the basic cognitive skills for fast recovery from emotional setbacks
  • understand the connection between emotional pain and anger
  • understand that some people use drugs and alcohol to numb pain and avoid dealing with their problems
  • have developed a wide set of skills to cope with stress
  • gain greater awareness of negative thinking patterns
  • understand how to challenge Core Irrational Beliefs (also known as Negative Core-Beliefs)
  • learn how to cope with frustration - a core life skill
  • have developed skills for the appropriate expression of anger
  • understand that happiness starts with acknowledging and dealing with (rather than avoiding) problems
  • have explored, acknowledged and unpacked the linkage between low self-esteem and the anxieties of being approved by others
  • know how to examine a myriad ethical and moral dilemmas. We discuss how a person with common sense would handle such situations. Integrity at every point of your response is strongly encouraged
  • have explored the reasons why some in our society today are overly focused on gaining the approval of others at the expense of their self-respect