Program 2: Outstanding Presentation of Self: historically known as Deportment and Elocution - essential elements of grace, poise, visual and verbal confidence

Upon completion of SHINE Program 2, we expect that our students:
  • understand the benefits of outstanding presentation of self with unfaltering commitment to attention to detail
  • can walk with natural and effortless poise and grace
  • understand the value of thoughtful behaviour in cars, taxis, on escalators, in lifts, on public transport, on aeroplanes, etc
  • have learnt the basic rules to communicate effectively with appropriate enunciation and diction
  • are aware of areas for improvement in verbal and non-verbal communication
  • understand body language across ethnicities and can offer appropriate salutations
  • appreciate the value of good posture and confident gait
  • look confident on stage: whilst stationary, bowing, accepting awards, giving awards and using a microphone
  • can converse with anyone regardless of age, background or seniority
  • understand the value of eye-contact
  • can respect personal space
  • can enter a room or social occasion radiating positive energy and a relaxed and humble confidence